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RE: building an object model of a XML schemas

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, Stuart Naylor wrote:
> This is not a go at you Len but I would love to be told exactly what
> markup is supposed to be and don't get be wrong as I am not saying it is
> a programming language.

Markup is yellow stickies stuck onto elements of information to
identify them, labelled accordingly. 

Structured markup is the same, but follows a known or predefined

> My self I see XML as data content / designator for computer systems and
> it does puzzle me that some believe it is anything else. The data may be
> for human consumption but that is where it ends.

That's fine. But the reason I added the slightly odd question
to the XML FAQ about how to "run or execute XML programs" was to
point up the fact that it *is* a Frequently-Asked Question (very:
I get 10-20 emails a week asking where someone can find xml.exe.
Going by the name and email addresses, most are from programmers
either from the Indian subcontinent, South America, or the Far
East, so I suspect the question is asked honestly by people who
have been given misleading information and are trying to clear
it up.)

> But you have to ask who and what is going to create markup and it can
> safely be said that it isn't humans not by hand anyway. Tools are going
> to be created and they will be created by programmers and many will be
> unaware of the XML which lies underneath there presentation and method
> of retrieval.

I hope not, otherwise their programs probably won't work.