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Metadata I18N

I have a question related to the recent discussions of
internationalization and the like:


 XML is a syntax that packages strings (data) with symbols (metadata).
 These symbols are identifiers like element names and attributes


 I'm curious what people think of a hypothetical technology that
 transliterated the metadata symbols (ie element names and attribute
 names) from one language to another according to locale.  Would this
 be a useful and/or practical thing?  Kindof like architectural forms
 for locales.

 This technology assumes that one would be able to say what the
 mappings between metatdata symbols would be, and that a processor
 would be able to know what locale it's operating within:

 locale     en         gb        es        fr
 symbol     <Message>  <Meldung> <Mensaje> <Message>

Sorry I have no eastern language examples, I wouldn't even know where
to start.


| Paul Johnston | pcj@inxar.org | http://inxar.org |