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RE: Metadata I18N

Paul Cody Johnston  posited:


> Kindof like architectural forms
> for locales.
> This technology assumes that one would be able to say what the
> mappings between metatdata symbols would be, and that a processor
> would be able to know what locale it's operating within:
> locale     en         gb        es        fr
> symbol     <Message>  <Meldung> <Mensaje> <Message>
> Sorry I have no eastern language examples, I wouldn't even know where
> to start.


Can you read it? This one happens to be katakana (borrowed from
English/French). It could be romanized as <messeji> or <messeeji> (and
perhaps others, depending on school). It might be appropriate for talking
about object oriented languages.

If the context were the like of telephone messages, then it would probably


which is kanji, (romanizes to <dengon> or <den-gon>). In other contexts, we
might need other transliterations.


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