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Re: Concerning Ethiopic and XML

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

 > The script is always ASCII.  I did try Ethiopic tags once and perl's
 >  XML::Parser choked on it (unless I had another error).

So evidently it seemed plausible to Mr. Yacob to utilize
native-language markup, but he was blocked by the XML 1.0

 > Come to think of it, I've always made tags in English translation
 > but attributes in Amharic transcription.

Does this refer to the names of the attributes, or to their values?
Of course attribute values can be Ethiopic script, whereas attribute
names cannot.  The reference to "Amharic transcription" suggests
that it is attribute names that are meant, since there would be no
need for transcription (= romanization) of the values.

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