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FYI - XML, XSLT, XLink articles

Using XML Schema archetypes and XSLT style sheets to simplify your code
This column demonstrates how to use XML Schema archetyping (and style
sheets) to control styling of data for various presentation modes. Ten code
samples in XML, XML Schema, and XSLT show how the techniques work to reduce
code bulk and simplify maintenance.

How to use XLink with XML
XLink, an XML-related specification, lets you achieve dramatic linking
effects in your XML documents. In this short tip learn how to include parts
of other XML documents in your own XML through XLink. The code example
demonstrates the technique.

A Primer for HTTPR
Reliable HTTP (HTTPR) is a new protocol that offers the reliable delivery
of HTTP packets between the server and client. This solves a number of
issues that are evident in current HTTP and opens the way to reliable
messaging between Web services.

XML sessions at Solutions 2001
XML experts Doug Tidwell and Arthur Ryman will lead hands-on technical
sessions at Solutions, The IBM Technical Developer Conference -- August
13-16, San Francisco, CA, at the Moscone Center.  There will be 372 hours
of sessions, including several on XML, SOAP, Web services, and more.  To
read more or register for this event, visit: