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RE: My summary of the XML names threads

XML Everywhere opined:


> #1
> Should there be a translation table of
> names?
. . .

My apologies for not writing clearly. A table of transliterations between
Japanese names and names in some other language would by no means be imposed
on anyone.

Tag name transliteration tables (And I do not think we should make up
another standard syntax for these!) are only a small part of the
transformation sets employed at the interface between two disparate systems.
They exist for English to English, as well as languageA to languageB. And
they don't need any extensions to XML or the parsers. They should be doable
with XSLT, although my experience (Japanese to Japanese) has been with DOM.

I only invoked them to point out that there would be sensible alternatives
to translating the tag names on all XML documents owned by a company which
had been bought out by a company operating in a foreign language.

> #2

> Names should support all characters
> in the document's encoding,
. . .

As one who enjoys programming in FORTH when he can, I have to sympathize
with this concept. I have the idea it would not work well with XML, because
most of the derivative standards assume that punctuation and other
non-word-forming characters won't be used as tag names, etc.

> #3
> This is the XML-dev list, not
> the SGML-dev list.  The vast majority
> of us, although not as vocal,
> won't go back to SGML, even
> if it solves every last encoding issue,
> bakes bread, and makes a mean martini.

My wife bakes bread on occasion, solves every encoding issue she is
presented with (usually in ways that I didn't expect) and makes a mean
apple-cinnamon-ginger tea. I think I'll stay with her, but I also plan on
learning SGML.

Then, just for fun, I'd like to write a set of SGML tools in FORTH. ;-)

Joel Rees
programmer -- rees@mediafusion.co.jp
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