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Extreme Paper at Extreme 2001

Some of the papers on the Extreme Markup Languages 2001 program are - well - Extreme enough that they might appeal to some of the regulars on XML-Dev. For details see: http://www.extrememarkup.com/

I call your attention to:


XML Schema (a 2-day hands-on tutorial)
Henry Thompson, HCRC Language Technology Group and W3C

XPath 2.0 (a 1-day hands-on tutorial)
Michael Kay 

Virtual XML: XML views of non-XML repositories and structures
Ann Wrightson


Implementing Concurrent Markup in XML 
Patrick Durusau, Society of Biblical Literature and Matthew Brook O'Donnell, University of Surrey 

Keeping chess alive -- Do we need 1-unambiguous content models
Murali Mani, University of California at Los Angeles/Computer Science Department 

The Gnome DOM engine
Paolo Casarini & Luca Padovani, University of Bologna

The Skeleton at the Feast: The Process Model Won't Go Away
W.E. Perry, Fiduciary Automation

Taxonomy of XML schema languages using formal language theory
Makoto Murata, IBM Tokyo Research Labs, Dongwon Lee, UCLA/CSD, & Murali Mani, UCLA/CSD

A standards-based framework for comparing XML Schema implementations
Henry S. Thompson, HCRC Language Technology Group and World Wide Web Consortium, & Richard Tobin, HCRC Language Technology Group 

Extreme Markup Languages 2001          mailto:extreme@mulberrytech.com
August 12-17, 2001                           details: http:www.gca.org   
Montreal, Canada                      or: http://www.extrememarkup.com