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Re: Closing Blueberry

At 10:50 AM 19/07/01 -0400, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
>Do not look to third party documentation to dampen the coming conflagration. I can guarantee you that publishers will be racing to push out The XML Blueberry Bible, XML Blueberry for Dummies, Learning XML Blueberry in 21 Days, XML Blueberry Clearly Explained, and two dozen others. To justify the titles,  authors will be showing readers the Blueberry mark and telling them to use it. (This could perhaps be partially averted by naming Blueberry, XML 1.0.1. Most publishers are loathe to release books based on .0.x releases.) 
>Magazines will be even worse. 

Elliote is totally right on this one.  The frenzy surrounding
XML is a couple orders of magnitude beyond the bounds of reason
and shows no sign of abating (see this week's Business Week,
for example).  I think that if the W3C does this, they owe
it to the world to downplay it to the maximal extent possible.
"1.0.1" seems sound. -T