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Announce: XML-CML Software release on http://www.xml-cml.org/

We announce the release of a new suite of tools and demonstrations
for CML (Chemical Markup language), being perhaps the most
mature and developed "science domain specific" application of

The materials include

1. A (1.8 Mbyte) download for the  JUMBO3-J browser 
written by  Peter Murray-Rust,
which is a standalone molecular browser written in Java and
capable of reading not only  CML files, but a wide 
range of legacy molecular formats. 
This browser includes  JMVS 3D viewer (using Java3D) written by 
Allistair Crossley and incorporated into  JUMBO3 as an example of 
how such software can be easily extended via collaboration. 

This download includes source code for the core components
of  CML for developers and (JavaDoc) documentation and code for
**CMLDOM** which  has been adopted by the 
OMG for its "small molecule" specifications

2. An on-line demo and (400K) download for a lightweight 
version of  JUMBO3 which implements a simpleCMLDOM
using  JavaScript  and developed by Peter and Michael Wright,
iscapable of viewing  XML-CML files by converting them on the fly to  SVG,
which is then displayed using Adobe's SVG viewer.  This is an excellent
illustration of how XML data can be transformed into other  XML
forms (SVG is also  XML), in this case for display purposes. 

3. An on-line demo and download for a CML aware version of the
Peter Ertl's  Molecular  Editor (JME).. The base JME
editor is extended using an interface (JMECML) to input and output
CML as well as the usual JME supported formats. It comes as an 
application (which allows  CML files to be read and written to local hard
disk) and an applet (which allows CML files to be copied to the
clipboard for pasting into other applications).
An extension of JME based on  XSLT and javaScript  
is also available for viewing as 
XACE (eXtensible annotating chemical editor). 

4. We have compiled an  FAQ which  addresses many of the
questions and issues often raised in connection with  XML and CML. 
This is an on going project, and we expect will be extensively added
to over the coming months. Comments warmly welcomed! 

Its all up at


Peter Murray-Rust and Henry Rzepa.