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Re: Conversion tools

An interesting problem, ordinary text to XML.

In my opinion (which may be totally surreal) it is a quantum leap to go from 
(1) conversion of one mark-up system to XML; to (2) conversion of plain text 
to XML.

Unless you are talking about simple format triggered conversions like a block 
of text gets converted to a <para> element or something like that, it seems 
that you need some sort of text content understanding to decide how to map 
the text to a document structure.

Perhaps I missed your point?  

On Monday 23 July 2001 12:20 pm, Sterin, Ilya wrote:
> Well not sure how you would convert unmarked text to XML, if you have any
> ideas, let me know.  But in Perl there are API for converting CSV and
> Excel, XML::Excel and XML::CSV as well as XML::SAXDriver::CSV and
> XML::SAXdriver::Excel.
> There are commercial and maybe some freeware tools that do that for you,
> but not sure if they provide APIs in other languages.
> Ilya
Rod Davison @ Critical Knowledge Systems Inc
Remaining time multiplied by distress is constant.