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ANN: July ZapThink Newsletter

I hope the group finds this interesting! ZapThink has released its latest newsletter on XML research and analysis. This one features interviews and detail on over a dozen companies firmly in the XML space.
The July 2001 ZapLetter features detailed news and information about:

* ASC X12
* Avinon
* ADPr (Business Layers)
* Chrome Technologies
* Cybermation
* Epicentric
* Infoteria (Asteria)
* Jabber
* Nimble Technologies
* RosettaNet
* Softquad
* Tamino (Software AG)
* TranXML (Transentric)
* XML Spy (Altova)
* XYZFind
Find out more information at: http://www.zapthink.com/zapletter.html
About ZapThink:

ZapThink, LLC is an industry analyst group focused entirely on XML. We cover XML Standards, XML Tools and Technology, and XML Usage and Adoption, and its adoption by businesses, scientific and academic institutions, and governments. ZapThink provides leading analytical, reporting, and consulting services that help provide complete understanding about a particular technology space by helping clients achieve a complete view of a technology in context with its surroundings.

We produce valuable XML-related research and analysis as well as a newsletter featuring "pocket research and analysis" on emerging XML trends and technolgies.

Thank you for your time, and let us know if this has interested you.

ZapThink Analysts
Ronald Schmelzer
Senior Analyst
ZapThink LLC
Phone: 781-207-8534