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Re: Primary and Foreign Keys

[Bullard, Len]

> Even if we can get the semantics sharable or just get them
> all to agree that a boolean choice is not an int or is, we probably
> built traps into our own relational table designs.
> An issue is that many relational systems contain
> a lot of system-specific metadata spread around throughout
> the tables to data-drive the system itself.
> Some bits are isolated into system tables, but
> others are in the content tables.  Think code systems for
> picklists, user-extensible GUI features, etc.

How about when the domain for a code table is built into the definition of a
pick list that uses it (easy to do with a tool like Powerbuilder, for
example)?  That might be the only place where you could learn what the
allowable strings and values really are.



Tom P

> Now the
> question becomes, if you want to create a true content-centric
> schema minus the GUI stuff, how well will that be
> rehydratible even roundtripping in and out of the same system?
> Just sucking the marrow out of the relational bones mechanically
> isn't enough.