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Re: Blueberry is not "closed" (was: Closing Blueberry)

Elliotte Rusty Harold expounded:

> Blueberry would change the definition of the XML language, not
> just the specification. While  every document that is a well-
> formed XML 1.0 document will still be a well-formed Blueberry
> document, many documents that are not  well-formed XML 1.0
> documents will be well-formed Blueberry documents. It would be
> a bad thing to try to sweep this change under the rug and
> pretend we always meant to do this.

The practical mathematician in me wonders why such a thing should require
pretense. <observation>While it is true that good design often wears
well</observation>, <axiom>no artifact of mortal beings can hope to undure
long unchanged</axiom>.

Joel Rees
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      information breathing anew --
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