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XML to/from COBOL

Title: XML to/from COBOL

Please excuse this question that, strictly speaking, lies outside the "dev" part of this elist, but does address XML tools.

What tools would you suggest looking into for converting XML fields to COBOL fields (and back again) in a high-volume, on-line production environment?  The XML comes from business partners and needs to be converted to COBOL for mainframe legacy system processing.

So far, IBM's MQ Series Integrator and (because we're an insurance company) IVANS' Transformation Express have been proposed, but we may be overlooking other good candidates.  XSLT tools have been described as too slow for our needs.  True?

Thanks for any pointers you can give (including tips as to where else I might post the question).

 James A. Boyse
Foremost Insurance Group                    E-Mail:  boyse@foremost.com
P.O. Box 2450                                       Phone:      616/956-4150
Grand Rapids, MI  49501-2450              Fax:  616/956-4450