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RE: Xml Sample File from Schema or DTD?

Small world.

> From: Sterin, Ilya [mailto:Isterin@ciber.com]
> XML Spy I belive does this if I remember correctly.

Yeas but it's not open sourse IDE (Although I'll be back on this - web
enabled too)

> From: Giota Karadimitriou [mailto:karadim@iti.gr]
> does anybody happen to know of an "open source" java tool for creating
> an
> Xml sample file from a Schema (xsd schema file)
> or from a DTD?

This is djv: I think I tried to answer that a loooong time ago (and I
think it was you back then). Anyway, a *possible* instance can be
created with an XSLT (called by your Java code). Such an XSLT script
(and the reverse) is available at [1].

Someone please forward this to 'Swarajit Ray', my stupid email client
cannot resolve her addy.

Kindest regards,