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Technetcast releases "Querying XML Documents", Web services panel,interviews with Chen, Carlson, Melton

Dr. Dobb's Technetcast has released "Querying XML Documents" by Paul Cotton
(57 minutes, MP3 audio):

This presentation taped at XML DevCon 2001 presents an XML Query (XQuery)
report card. Paul Cotton discusses XML Query requirements, data model and
query algebra. Paul is Chair of the W3C XML Query Working Group and a member
of the W3C Advisory Board.

Technetcast will shortly be releasing these programs:

codebytes: Peter Chen and David Carlson
Peter Chen and David Carlson discuss conceptual modeling, XLink, XML Schema,
UML and E-R modeling. Chen is the father of Entity-Relationship (E-R)
modeling and Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Louisiana State
University. His paper on the E-R is one of the 38 great papers in computer
science (Great Papers in Computer Science, West Publishing, 1996). He is
Fellow of ACM, IEEE, and AAAS and invited expert to the W3C. David Carlson
is CTO of Ontogenics Corporation and an authority on XML and UML modeling.
He is the author of Modeling XML Applications with UML (Addison-Wesley).

codebytes: Jim Melton

Jim Melton discusses standards, SQLX, and plans for the next release of the
SQL standard that will incorporate extensions to support XML (www.sqlx.org).
Jim Melton is the editor of the ISO SQL standard, including SQL-92 and =
SQL-99. His latest book is SQL:1999-Understanding Relational Language
Components (Morgan Kaufmann).

Web Services, ebXML, UDDI, and Trading Partner Agreements
This panel of industry experts on the new UDDI/Web Services organization, as
well as the United Nations' and OASIS' ebXML organization, discuss the
architectural ideas of each, how they overlap, how they differ, and how the
new services-oriented web model will change internet exchange in the next
two years.

Justin Kestelyn is editor-in-chief of Intelligent Enterprise. Dick Brooks is
a founder and CTO of Group 8760, co-author of the IETF EDIINT AS2
specification, Co-Chairman of the GISB EDM group, Chair of the UIG Internet
Data Transfer committee, a member of the ebXML Message Routing and Transport
group and ebXML Liaison to the W3C XML Protocols Activity. Mark Colan is
IBM's lead XML and e-business evangelist.  James Tauber is director of XML
Technology at Bowstreet, a member of the W3C XML Protocol working group,
chair of the DSML 2.0 working group and a member of the UDDI advisory group.
Graham Glass is CEO, chief architect and founder of The Mind Electric. David
Turner is the Product Manager and Technical Evangelist for XML Technology at

Previously released:
codebytes: JP Morgenthal and Ralph Stout discuss integration technologies

codebytes: Bob Sutor discusses the importance of XML and Web services for
the future of enterprise computing

"XML's Greatest Hits (And Misses)": Tim Bray takes time off to evaluate what
worked -and did not work.

"XML in the Large: The Big Picture": Norbert Mikula, takes a look at the XML
master plan for building the technical infrastructure for a new economy

"SOAP Programming with Java: A Foundation for Web Services and UDDI"
Andrew Hately explains SOAP, UDDI and Web services programming with Java.

State of XML: Expert panel discusses state of XML four years after the
introduction of the XML 1.0 specification (Tim Bray, Peter Chen, Norbert
Mikula, David Orchard, Bob Sutor, Jon Udell)