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Request: Compare JXTA versus UDDI/WSDL/SOAP

Hi Folks,

I just discovered this open source project that SUN launched called JXTA
("short for juxtapose").  The intro page [1] says, 

"JXTA is a set of open, generalized peer-to-peer protocols that allow
any connected device on the network to communicate and collaborate ...
Its goal is to explore a vision of distributed network computing using
peer-to-peer topology, and to develop basic building blocks and services
that would enable innovative applications for peer groups."

This sounds a lot like what UDDI/WSDL/SOAP are doing.  Has anyone looked
at JXTA?  If you have, can you give a high-level comparison of JXTA
versus UDDI/WSDL/SOAP?  /Roger

[1] http://www.jxta.org