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Re: Collected Works of SAX

> > As for layers on top, I confess that initially I had
> > thought of just a web page to collect links.  (Hence
> > "collected works". :)  Heck, maybe a Wiki would
> > be a good thing to have around in any case!  We
> > don't know all that's available right now, so it's
> > hard to know what parts are really missing.
> Thats a good point I'm sure there's a lot there, ranging from
> obvious ones like Davids XML Writer, to other bits of code
> hidden in various open source project.

Actually there are quite a lot of such writers, with varying
degrees of functionality.

> I'm willing to pull together a list of links if people want to email them
> to myself or the list.

Sounds like a volunteer to me ... :)  Would a form on the
SourceForge site help collect such stuff?

> This thread has changed tack somewhat, and has focussing
> on the bigger issue of SAXs home and future. While this
> is needed, we shouldn't let the opportunity for compiling
> a collected works, etc slip by while the interest is there.

Yes, please!

- Dave