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RE: Collected Works of SAX

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Brownell [mailto:david-b@pacbell.net]
> Sent: 28 July 2001 00:18
> To: Leigh Dodds; xml-dev
> Cc: David Megginson
> Subject: Re: Collected Works of SAX
> > I'm willing to pull together a list of links if people want to 
> email them to myself or the list.
> Sounds like a volunteer to me ... :)  Would a form on the
> SourceForge site help collect such stuff?

Yep I'll happily volunteer to collate a list of links and information.
Basically if people want to send links/info to: sax@ldodds.com
then I can filter these and work up a list.

However if it can be automated through SourceForge then so 
much the better.

I'd suggest we'd want the following bits of info:

- type of contribution (utility code, filter, application)
- homepage/download link
- author credits
- brief summary of features/capabilities
- versioning info
- whether its SAX 1/SAX 2 code?
- platform (Java, Perl, etc)

Hows that for a start?



Leigh Dodds, Systems Architect       | "Pluralitas non est ponenda
http://weblogs.userland.com/eclectic |    sine necessitate"
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