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FW: Collected Works of SAX

Forwarded message from David Megginson:

> -----Original Message-----
> From: David Megginson [mailto:david@megginson.com]
> Sent: 28 July 2001 14:30
> To: David Brownell
> Cc: Leigh Dodds
> Subject: Re: Collected Works of SAX
> David Brownell writes:
>  > > I also suspect that if David says 'its going to X' then a lot of
>  > > folks would be happy with his decision.
>  > 
>  > I was under the impression he'd said "it's SourceForge".
> That answers 'where' but not 'who'.  I'm a big fan of discovering
> answers by experimentation rather than making big decisions in advance
> -- no matter what I decided (OASIS, Apache, an annointed successor,
> etc.) it was bound to be wrong.  With SAX at SourceForge, we can see
> who's attracted to the project and what roles they assume naturally,
> and then move from there.  Maybe we'll end up with a sponsor
> organization, maybe we'll end up with a single maintainer, or maybe
> we'll end up with a core junta of trusted developers.
> Feel free to pass this message on to XML-Dev if it will help
> discussion there; I'm still unsubscribed, but I'll try to come back
> before too long.
> All the best,
> David
> -- 
> David Megginson
> david@megginson.com