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Re: Home for independent open specifications (was: Collected Works ofSAX)

On Sat, 21 Jul 2001, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

> >independent developer, I don't feel comfortable under the shadow of the
> >big sponsors of industry consortiums and I think that a home for
> >independent open specifications is a need that hasn't been met yet.
> >
> How about the IETF? It's got a great track record of producing
> interoperable, public specifications. Furthermore, its process pretty
> closely matches that which produced SAX1 and SAX2. (i.e. anybody
> informed, interested, and intelligent enough to know that the
> development of the standard is occurring is welcome to participate).
> It's got one colossal failure to its credit (HTML) which led to the
> creation of the IETF, but assuming we're not venturing into as
> politically charged an arena as HTML and that everyone is willing to
> act in good faith, and trust that everyone else is acting in good
> faith, the IETF process works quite well with a minimum of
> bureaucratic hassle.

I have a back burner personal project to create a form of discussion
engine (like Usenet or Slashdot or a mailing list) with special voting and
version control systems for working on public standards. However, it's got
a lot of coding left to go before it's finished and I haven't had time to
do any. http://www.open-research.org.uk/ - any volunteer PHP programmers


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