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Re: ANN: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

Leigh Dodds wrote:
> And after the author has amended their schema to require that these
> changes be made, there is a technical problem to solve: processing
> older data which might conform to the previous version of the
> specification.
> In these circumstances Simons solution is perfectly valid.

Even as I was writing my "you shouldn't do this" comment, I knew it
wasn't completely valid. Telling somebody they can or can't use a
product in a certain way is always a debatable thing to do. I think what
upsets me is that:

1) Unqualified child elements strikes me as a bad practice, period, so I
don't want to do anything to encourage it.

2) Simon's solution needs to be applied carefully, since it has a very
real potential for name collisions.

-- Ron