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Re: SAX2 bugs -- please file!

> From: "Nicolas LEHUEN" <nicolas.lehuen@ubicco.com>
>    Why isn't such a central piece
> of XML software (maybe 99% of Java XML parsers include it or support it) in
> a more "official" site ?
> What is the relationship with the version on David Meggison's site (...)?

Well, David Megginson started the SourceForge project; the
intent is that this become the "official" site, moving forward.

SF hosts CVS (imported from his previously-private copy),
the bug list (ostensible subject of this thread) and bugfixes
(likewise).  Sourceforge makes it easier for more people to
help contribute to the support and evolution of SAX.

Have a look at the http://sax.sourceforge.net/ page; it points to
David's site for pretty much everything right now except project
data and tools, and updated javadoc (with bugfixes).

I expect the SourceForge site will be growing/evolving over
time.  Suggestions and assistance will be appreciated!

- Dave