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RE: SAX2 bugs -- please file!

The question may be completely out of scope here, and I'm readying myself
for a flame mail flood, but how come such a standard end being hosted on
SourceForge ?

I have nothing against SourceForge, I do think the idea and the
implementation of this site are great, but... Why isn't such a central piece
of XML software (maybe 99% of Java XML parsers include it or support it) in
a more "official" site ?

What is the relationship with the version on David Meggison's site
(http://www.megginson.com/SAX/Java/index.html) ? 

Maybe the root question is : why is SAX under the org.xml.sax package,
whereas DOM is in the org.w3c.dom ? Why isn't SAX hosted on the W3C site ?
Is there an historical / legal / other reason for this ?


>-----Message d'origine-----
>De : David Brownell [mailto:david-b@pacbell.net]
>Envoyé : mardi 31 juillet 2001 19:09
>À : xml-dev@lists.xml.org; sax-devel@lists.sourceforge.net;
>Objet : SAX2 bugs -- please file!
>As you know, there's now a SAX project at SourceForge:
>    http://sax.sourceforge.net/
>I'd like to see a "SAX 2.0.1" bugfix release before long, to
>get the fixes into proper circulation.  So far, most of the
>bugs have been javadoc, but there are a handful (mostly for
>namespace support) that are behavioral.  No signature
>changes, of course:  code shouldn't break unless it was
>relying on those buggy behaviors.
>If you know of any SAX bugs that haven't yet been fixed,
>or want to know about the bugs that have been filed/fixed,
>please use the bug tracker at SourceForge:
>    http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=29449&atid=396219
>There's a separate category for new feature requests, and the
>CVS history shows the details.  For fixes relating to javadoc,
>current stuff is linked from the page above.  This all builds
>on the "SAX2 r2 prerelease" of last December, as well as the
>"SAX2-ext 1.0" release (it's just one CVS tree).
>- Dave
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