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SAX2 bugs -- please file!

As you know, there's now a SAX project at SourceForge:


I'd like to see a "SAX 2.0.1" bugfix release before long, to
get the fixes into proper circulation.  So far, most of the
bugs have been javadoc, but there are a handful (mostly for
namespace support) that are behavioral.  No signature
changes, of course:  code shouldn't break unless it was
relying on those buggy behaviors.

If you know of any SAX bugs that haven't yet been fixed,
or want to know about the bugs that have been filed/fixed,
please use the bug tracker at SourceForge:


There's a separate category for new feature requests, and the
CVS history shows the details.  For fixes relating to javadoc,
current stuff is linked from the page above.  This all builds
on the "SAX2 r2 prerelease" of last December, as well as the
"SAX2-ext 1.0" release (it's just one CVS tree).

- Dave