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RE: xerces


AFAIK there is no support for XPath in Xerces2, but there is one in Xalan
(http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/index.html). You can also find XPath
implementations in Resin XML(http://www.caucho.com/), SAXON

The most common situation is that you find an XPath API where it is most
needed, i.e. in XSLT processors rather than in XML parsers. The problem is
that some of these API are difficult to use out of the context of an XSLT
stylesheet (you have to provide rather heavyweight environments). This is
annoying since a standard, lightweight XPath API would be most useful. I
found that the easiest APIs to use outside XSLT stylesheet were the one from
Resin, then the one from Xalan.

I strongly suggest that you have a look at the dom4j API
(http://www.dom4j.org/), a DOM api that natively integrates XPath support.
They have integrated SAXPath (http://www.saxpath.org/) which is an API for
XPath parsing. Using XPath expressions seem quite natural in dom4j (see

Nicolas Lehuen
Responsable R&D / Head of R&D
UBICCO, the Multi-Access Software Vendor
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>-----Message d'origine-----
>De : Laura Hatcher [mailto:lhatcher@argoneng.com]
>Envoye : mardi 31 juillet 2001 20:10
>A : xml-dev
>Objet : xerces
>Does anyone know if Xerces Java 2 supports XPath?  And If not can
>someone recommend a parser that does.
>Laura Hatcher
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