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Re: Namespaces,

At 20:01 31-07-2001, Danny Vint wrote:
>I've seen references to this many times "PSVI" - I must of been asleep when
>this acronym was created - would someone please provide an expansion and
>maybe an explanation.

Hey, Dan!

The Post-Schema Validation Infoset is an XML infoset as modified by a 
schema processor.

Validating a document against a DTD requires that the DTD be read first, 
and then the document evaluated with respect to the DTD, because that's how 
SGML works.  But since a schema is just another XML document, there's no 
order requirement.  You can parse an XML document as well-formed and build 
an infoset from that.  Then you take your schema and evaluate the 
document's infoset with respect to it.  You augment the infoset with type 
information, default attributes or values, and validity status (yes, no, 
not checked) - that's your PSVI.

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