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Re: Namespaces, -> why use local declarations?

this thread has made me aware of something which i had overlooked.

it would appear that the entire local element declaration mechanism is
significant for only those declarations in which the element identifier
is declared "without" a namespace.

for local declarations declared with a namespace, the namespace must
agree with that of the identifier from the context declaration. which
will be globally unique.

with the effect that the local declaration for which a namespace has
been provided is also globally unique.

is this true? 

given the risk inherent in unqualified contained elements - especially
in cases of document mutation, why would one want to use them at all?

Richard Tobin wrote:
> What is the "different result" you get?  It doesn't change the
> namespace of the elements[' names].  It just does some work - what you might
> call context-sensitive type assignment - that otherwise would have to
> be done by the application.
> Incidentally, this use of unqualified local elements is very natural
> for some applications.  Consider structures in a traditional
> programming language like C, and represent the fields of the structure
> by subelements.  Do you expect to have to qualify the field names?
> No, they are scoped by the type of structure containing them.