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Re: ANN: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

"David E. Cleary" wrote:

> My problems with this are:
> 1. Insinuation that XML Schema is somehow responsible for this. It was not.
> It was not in the XML Schema requirements that we invalidate currently valid
> XML documents because Simon didn't like them. This existed before XML
> Schema, and XML Schema was required to support this.

XML Schemas didn't cause the problem, but they did introduce two
features (local element types and unqualified child element types) which
helped legitimize its practice. And believe me, a lot of people think
that if a tool is available, it should be used.

> 3. That this is a widespread problem. I couldn't give you a real world
> schema that does this, although that doesn't mean they do not exist.

This argument is fine for users, who can choose not to use a feature.
It's of no use to people (like me) who write schema-driven software. If
it's in the spec, we have to support it.

-- Ron