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XML && || Database

Dear All,

I have the following problem that I am trying to overcome. Here is the 
setup that I have for each page (currently in MySQL database "format" but 
soon to be XML):

Each page belongs to a category. Now, the list of categories will change 
and a page can only belong to a category that is listed in (currently) a 
MySQL table. How can I convert to XML pages, where a page can belong to any 
number of categories, whilst maintaining data integrity by restricting 
pages to belonging to only listed categories? I can think about writing a 
php function that goes through each file and deletes categories as they 
become extinct, and checks a file as it is introduced into the site, but 
this seems rather heavy handed. Any ideas?

Dates in XML files
Also, I hope to use XSL to transform my XML pages into HTML (or whatever) 
for viewing purposes. However, on each access, I want to update a tag 
within the file (perhaps called last accessed) to given the time of last 
access, ie the time now as the page is being fetched. Can anyone give me 
any pointers as to where to look for clues?

Transformation would be done serverside with the Sablotron and Expat 
functions of PHP.

Many thanks for your suggestions,

Paul J
web:   http://myitcv.org.uk/
email: paul@myitcv.org.uk