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Re: Standards (yet again) was RE: Use of XML ?

Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> Let me repeat this
> so it is clear what I mean:  SGML belongs to ISO just as surely
> as XML does to the W3C.

The SGML standard is copyright ISO, that's true.  But the XML
Recommendation does not appropriate any of ISO's copyrights.
(AFAIK ISO has no patents, trade secrets, or trademarks save
perhaps "ISO" and the various full forms.)

> Were one to repeat Jon's endeavor
> today, any one of several organizations could under the international
> laws that seek to arbitrate disputes among trading partners fire
> down on that person or self-selected group like a crow with a
> machine gun.  IOW, the original SGML On The Web SIG would be in jail.  

Eh?  Nonsense.  There is nothing illegal about making a profile
of an International Standard, or publishing it either.
A profile is not a derivative work.

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