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Re: Standards (yet again) was RE: Use of XML ?

Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> Nonsense?  Hmm.  Usually a legal test is 
> required to determine who owns intellectual 
> property and I contend that regardless of 
> the copyrights, SGML constitutes intellectual 
> property, but let's say you are right.

Of what kind?  In the U.S., at least, IP must be
one of: copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret.
Each has very separate rules.

> "A profile is not a derivative work." 
> Interesting position.  No safeguards at all. 
> Just open ranges, sheep, cattlemen and hired guns.

Pretty much the way the law always is.

> What happens if the W3C decides that XML is not 
> to be a profile in the future, but a completely 
> separate work?

I should have said: it is a separate work (from a
copyright viewpoint) that happens to correspond
in practice to a profile of SGML.  The profile
(by James Clark) is not normative for XML.

> What happens if ISO decides to ammend SGML such 
> that all of the features of XML are now SGML 
> features,

That's already happened:  the Web TC.

> Is Microsoft free to extend Java in any way 
> they see fit as long as they don't call it Java

They can't call it "Java", because that is a Sun

They can't use any of the JVM or utilities or
class libraries from Sun, because that is
copyright by Sun and available only under license.

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