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RE: ANN: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

> But what's the design decision? IOW, what thinking lead to the
> 'original decision' that failed to be overturned?

IMHO, it was because the side who argued for it was better prepared and more
convincing than the side who argued against it.

> There's also an implication in what write that obviously opinions changed
> at some point (although not *enough* opinions). Can you elaborate on
> any of the technical reasons why these opinions changed?

Feedback and a better understanding of the issues.

> Seems to me like the crux of this (and some many other specification
> related)
> debates could be reached if the original design decisions was understood.
> In that way we can all understand the arguments, and derive our own
> idea of best practices. (E.g. "Well that doesn't apply in my environment,
> so I'll do it this way, rather than that way").
> Although I fear that the answer will be: I couldn't possibly comment.

If you are a W3C member, you can see presentations on both sides of the
issue at
. That is as far as I think I can comment. It is a shame that this isn't