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Re: Images and XML

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, Paul Jolly wrote:

> In the second example, binary data might be within the document, something
> the parser may not like.

*chuckle* everyone's already heard my controversial opinion on *that* :-)

> In the first example, using XLink, how can you then make a link from the
> photo to the describing file?

Not using XLink. XLink links between XML things. Just pop a URL in there:

<image format="image/jpeg" url="sdfasdf" />

Just make sure that's either a relative URL and you keep all the fiddly
little files that now make up what should be a single block of data
together, or that it's an absolute URL and you keep the XML updated if the
image moves.

> Paul Jolly

> finger paj00@doc.ic.ac.uk for PGP key

Oooh, doc.ic.ac.uk, I studied there and now work just over Prince Conosrt
Rd, opposite the RSM!


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