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Images and XML

Dear All,

I was in discussion with a friend when I thought of the following scenario:

I have a jpeg image of the Eiffel Tower. I would like to include with the 
image some information about the picture, using a fairly standard DTD for 
family photographs say (a point here is what should the DTD describe, a 
family photo, a photo in general, media about Paris? I guess this is a 
combination of personal preference and style, but how the latter is dictated 
I do not know). How does one add this information to the image? Do you write 
a separate XML file that contains example details like:

	<taken_by>Paul Jolly</taken_by>
	<!-- Link to photo file here -->

and then link (using XLink??) to the photograph, or do you make the image an 
XML file in itself and have a format maybe like this:

	<taken_by>Paul Jolly</taken_by>
	<image_data type="gif"...>

In the second example, binary data might be within the document, something 
the parser may not like.

Is there already a solution that describes how this might be achieved?

In the first example, using XLink, how can you then make a link from the 
photo to the describing file?

I would appreciate some guidance/suggestions on these points. Apologies if 
such discussion has gone before me, but I have just subscribed to this list.

Kind regards,

Paul Jolly
web:   http://myitcv.org.uk/
email: paul@myitcv.org.uk
tel:   +44 7748 105236
finger paj00@doc.ic.ac.uk for PGP key