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Re: Images and XML

There is also a classic approach.  Declare the picture to be an NDATA entity
of type jpeg, then make it the value of some attribute.  The parser won't
try to parse NDATA entities, that's what they are for.  Of course, you still
have to write some software that knows what to do with jpeg data.  But at
least the parser will hand you the file url and tell you to give it to the
jpeg handler.


Tom P

[Paul Jolly]

I have a jpeg image of the Eiffel Tower. I would like to include with the
image some information about the picture, using a fairly standard DTD for
family photographs say (a point here is what should the DTD describe, a
family photo, a photo in general, media about Paris? I guess this is a
combination of personal preference and style, but how the latter is dictated
I do not know). How does one add this information to the image? Do you write
a separate XML file that contains example details like:

<taken_by>Paul Jolly</taken_by>
<!-- Link to photo file here -->

and then link (using XLink??) to the photograph, or do you make the image an
XML file in itself and have a format maybe like this: