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ANN: eXist 0.5

I am proud to announce that version 0.5 of eXist has finally been
released and is available for download at http://exist.sourceforge.net.

eXist is an Open Source native XML Database with pluggable storage
backends and support for fulltext searching. XML is either stored in
the internal, native XML-DB or an external RDBMS. The search engine has
been designed to provide fast XPath queries, using indexes for all
element, text and attribute nodes. eXist is lightweight and well
suited for large document collections. The server is accessible from a
wide range of programming languages and applications through easy to
use HTTP and XML-RPC interfaces. An online demonstration is provided.

This release introduces a pure Java implementation of the native XML
storage backend, which is much better optimized for efficiently
storing, indexing and retrieving XML. The server now provides access
by XML-RPC calls as well as HTTP, supports document collections and
integrates well with Cocoon2.

Interested users and developers are encouraged to join the mailing list
at http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=17691

There are still many points on the wish list for version 1.0, e.g.:
XQuery support, direct manipulation of DOM nodes in the server, safe
transactions for the native backend, better fulltext-querying
capabilities ... Any volunteers are welcome to join the project!




Wolfgang Meier
Darmstadt University of Technology
Email: meier@ifs.tu-darmstadt.de