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Re: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

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From: Jonathan Borden <jborden@mediaone.net>

> For example: XSLT. Hard to use it without using namespaces, eh?

Maybe I don't understand you, but I think the answer is:
"No, it is trivial."

For example, one may write xsl:value-of  as xsl-value-of

( Not to mention that XSLScript has no 'namespaces' at all ).

I know, I know, this makes xsl:namespace-alias a bit more 
complex, but I'd not care about that subtile complexity, 
because xsl:namespace-alias itlsef is not a solution, 
but a problem.


PS. I think, letting namespaces and DTDs into XML 1.0 was 
a mistake. I think, namespaces will kill XML, because they're 
not a solution, but a problem. 

PPS. The last but not the least. I don't understand, why people keep 
saying that XML is a strict subset of SGML. 

SGML has no namespaces, right ?