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RE: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing

Tom Bradford wrote:
> Just about every person I know who uses XML as a data format (as opposed
> to a way of life) has absolutely no use for namespaces, or any of the
> other incredibly complex layers of XML.

I have no idea who you hang out with, or what your criteria are for using
XML as a data format, as opposed to a way of life, however I use XML as a
data format on a daily basis ... and give no thought to the fact that the
system I am using is XML (honestly). Of course the system uses XML

For example: XSLT. Hard to use it without using namespaces, eh?

> If we wanted a format for structured data that wasn't simple, and that
> you can't edit by hand, then there are plenty out there already.  Hell,
> we may as well start telling most businesses to stick with EDI, because
> at this point, most of the code's in place, and it's not going to get
> any more complex.

Shrug. The EDI folks are looking pretty closely at XML.

> I'm really starting to wonder whether or not I should quit this business
> and become a friggin' carpenter.

Shrug. I suspect that alot of carpentry _businesses_ will be using XML in
some form or another (hopefully unbeknownst to them!!) in several years or