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ANN: SAX Filters for Namespace Processing 0.05

The suite of (Java) SAX Filters for Namespace Processing I've been
working on the last week or so is now basically complete.  I've finished
up the documentation, moving much of it to RDDL files, and tested the
code against more documents.

These filters permit you to:

* Force-qualify unqualified descendants of namespace-qualified elements
* Annotate unqualified descendants of namespace-qualified elements
* Force-qualify unqualified attributes
* Strip namespace information from elements
* Strip namespace information from attributes
* Replace namespaces on elements with other namespaces
* Replace namespaces on attributes with other namespaces

All of these filters use rule sets written in XML to specify which
namespaces they do and do not apply to.  (Java developers can create
rules from inside their code if they prefer.)  All come with
command-line access and sample rule and test documents.

All of these filters should be used cautiously, as they are designed to
modify the labels used inside of documents.  Many of those modifications
are controversial, and should only be performed by people with a
thorough understanding of namespaces in general and their own use of
namespace processing in particular.

These filters are open source under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.
They should run under Java 1.2 or higher.

Hopefully this will be my last announcement of these tools for a while,
though suggestions and contributions are welcome.  Thanks to those who
have already made suggestions.

Back to regular fragmentations!

Simon St.Laurent