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RE: Storing binaries in XML streams

> From: Frank Shell [mailto:frank@pembroke-int.com]


> Are there any guidelines for storing graphics, wp documents 
> atc within an
> XML document?
> We are putting together a methodology of converting
> Word/AmiPro/Wordperfect/DCA-RFT/Notes documents to XML. We 
> have a DTD and
> Schema, and understand how to embed these within the 
> document, but we're not
> clear whether there are rules for embedding graphics and 
> attachments etc
> within the same stream.
> [Shows ignorence] If it can be done, how should it be done, 
> and is this
> desirable, or are we better off staying with external references?

To embed binary data, you must encode it as text. This is typically done by
hex encoding the data, or using base64 encoding. Alternatively, you can keep
the binary content in separate files and reference them via XLink.