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Re: breaking up?

Peter Piatko wrote:
> From the past few days of reading the mailing
> list I get the impression that many people don't make use of namespaces.  Am
> I making an even vaguely correct statement?  If this is true, I wonder why.
> Are vocabularies sufficiently small so that namespaces are unnecessary?

Whenever I'm doing customised work, namespaces are never used. Just
stick to the very simple XML + DTD.

I'm implementing one spec (X3D) where namespaces are not used in the
specification, but handling them would be a good thing. There is a
"script" element in the scene graph and its possible that the script may
contain other XML content such as MathML. Also we need to deal with the
X3D being embedded inside other XML content like XHTML.

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