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Re: breaking up?

Peter Piatko wrote:
> I tend to think that namespaces in XML at least attempt to play a similar
> role to packages in Java.  From the past few days of reading the mailing
> list I get the impression that many people don't make use of namespaces.  Am
> I making an even vaguely correct statement?  If this is true, I wonder why.
> Are vocabularies sufficiently small so that namespaces are unnecessary?

I suspect it is true. Namespaces become necessary when you start
exchanging data with other people / products, just the same as packages
are necessary when you start shipping Java libraries to other people. My
guess is that most people use XML and Java in house, so the need never
arises. However, the minute things start going out the door, namespaces
and packages (or something like them) are necessary.

-- Ron