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Re: Another "Against the Grain" column on XML

> > ...What is the justification, then, for choosing a more
> > complex, discredited data model for data exchange, when a majority of
> > commonly used DBMSs employ a simpler, sounder and, thus, superior data
> > model?'

Note the assumption there:  XML being used for highly regular
information models.  Yet I thought the real strength of XML was
in situations where such regular models were atypical ... yes, folk
from database-intensive worlds say there are few such situations,
but that doesn't match my observation.

Folk used to using an RDBMS as their hammer may view the
world as a set of nail relations, post-normalization.  I think it's
got a lot more richness than that, actually ... :)

> So IMO, if we're insulting people, I suggest that RDBMS are wonderfully
> designed for beancounting, and that as soon as you try to start dealing
> with the real world instead of making the world deal with your data
> structures, an RDBMS doesn't look so wonderful.