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Re: Namespace prefixes

ReemaD@riskinc.com wrote:
>      I have some doubts on using prefixes in Namespaces.From the following
> mentioned site
> http://www.rpbourret.com/xml/NamespacesFAQ.htm
> I found out that prefixes are not significant. But it doesn't work out in
> my application when i replace xsl prefix with any arbitrary name like abc.
> So i am confused whether xsl prefix has any significance or not. If anybody
> has tried this then please help me out.

Prefixes are insignificant as far as the tools that you use to process a
document are concerned.  They don't care what the prefix is, only what
the namespace URI is.  But, within the document itself, the prefix is a
shorthand for associating the namespace URI with an element or
attribute, so if you change the prefix that's associated with the
namespace URI, you need to change it everywhere for that context.  So it
doesn't matter what prefix you use, although it is common to use a
well-known prefix for clarity.

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