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[off-topic] the first Zvon announcement 2 years ago

In a wave of nostalgia I could not resist :)

While searching for some intro-paragraph for our newsletter:

I have found the original public announcement of Zvon:

There was a nice BTW:
"BTW. There was some heated debate about usefulness of XSL. It takes
time to get used to it, but then XSL(T) is just magnificent for work
with XML text.You source is written in XML, you are writing program in
and yours output is XML, I do find it mentally very convenient."

But I am afraid it was still an understatement of the XSLT power, as I
realize with each new project:


<firstName> Miloslav </firstName>    
<surname>   Nic      </surname>     

<mail>    nicmila@idoox.com    </mail>   
<support> http://www.zvon.org  </support>