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Re: Namespace prefixes

>      I have some doubts on using prefixes in Namespaces.From the following
> mentioned site
> http://www.rpbourret.com/xml/NamespacesFAQ.htm
> I found out that prefixes are not significant. But it doesn't work out in
> my application when i replace xsl prefix with any arbitrary name like abc.
> So i am confused whether xsl prefix has any significance or not. If
> has tried this then please help me out.

What this means is that the prefixes only indicate which vocabulary the
element names come from.  They have no other defined meaning.  For example,
any structure that you introduce into a prefix (like
level1.level2.level3:element-name) will be ignored.  Also, the prefixes are
not to be hardcoded, because they are arbitrary aliases for a uri that
specifies the actual namespace.  You can change the string used for the
prefix as long as you specify that it still is an alias for the original


Tom P