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Re: a quick question

[Yihpyng Kuan]

> Here is a quick question from someone, can you shed
> some light on this ? Thanx -
This question is better suited for the xsl list on mulberrytech.

> "I am reading values from the database and sending
> them to the response object as XML nodes.
> In my xsl sheet, I want to do a <for-each> statement
> that will loop through all the nodes drawing each item
> in a small table.
> What I can't figure out is, if each link on the page
> will pass a parameter to the next page (eg
> <href="nextpage.asp?itemID=12">this one</a>
> I cannot figure out how to have the xsl page draw the
> link and place a dynamic parameter in the querystring
> (eg the 'itemid=12' would have itemid='13' on the next
> table below it and 'itemid=14' on the table below it,
> so when the person clicks the lnk I can hit the
> database to grab all the info on that item by it's
> passed ID value.
> How do I get the xsl to place the value inside that
> link?  Ive been reading on xlink, but apparently it's
> not supported yet, and I couldn't figure it out
> anyways."

The problem isn't going to be getting xslt to place the href value into the
a link.  The problem would be how to know what the right values are going to
be.   I don't understand the problem statement well enough to say.  I can't
even tell where the transformation is going to take place.  It looks like
it's the xml is being generated by asp at the server.  In this case, you
probably should have the asp figure it out and put the values into the
generated xml.  Once you know how to relate each item to the right page
references, it should be pretty easy.

> Basically, he is trying to do things like this -
> When doing a query, that retrieves 100 items (for
> example) matches. Then, he wants to be able to use
> XML/XSL to do next-page/prev-page on the fly. User can
> click on the XML/XSL page's link to go back and forth.
> Any good suggestion ?

Explain the situation more clearly (not necessarily longer) so one can
understand how the page numbering is computed, then send it to the xslt
list.  Also look at Jeni Tennison's and Dave Pawson's excellent tutorial
sites (I couldn't connect to Dave's site just now when I tried):



Tom P