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Re: AND (Another Namespace Dilemma) ... DTD Validation

> Now I can write a DTD for all the "furn" elements with or without the
> "furn:" prefix (although it's a pain), using something like:
> But if I don't know what prefix is going to be used there's no hope of
> validating an instance. Am I missing something?

Here you have a short example fragment from one of our DTDs. Yes, it
wasn't very pleasant to write, but luckily there aren't that many
elements in it.

<!ENTITY % xlinkit-namespace-prefix "xlinkit">
<!ENTITY % LinkBase "%xlinkit-namespace-prefix;:LinkBase">
<!ENTITY % ConsistencyLink "%xlinkit-namespace-prefix;:ConsistencyLink">
<!ENTITY % Locator "%xlinkit-namespace-prefix;:Locator">
<!ENTITY % State "%xlinkit-namespace-prefix;:State">
<!ENTITY % Go "%xlinkit-namespace-prefix;:Go">
<!-- A linkbase consists of a set of consistency links
     that result from the evaluation of the consistency rules -->
<!ELEMENT %LinkBase; (%ConsistencyLink;)*>
<!ATTLIST %LinkBase;
        docSet          CDATA           #REQUIRED
        ruleSet         CDATA           #REQUIRED
        date            CDATA           #REQUIRED>