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RE: Application Design

> I think that the problem with XSLT is that  XSLT
> is often misleading, pretending to be more
> 'powerful' and 'portable'  than it actually is.

I don't think 'hype' is the problem at all.  The 20% part of XSLT is easy to
learn too, so learning curve is not the problem either.  The problem is that
there is no real need to learn XSLT.  Observe that:

1. People had to learn HTML and JavaScript because there were no
2. Learning HTML and JavaScript lead directly to XML and DOM.
3. Learning an API like DOM is far easier to learn a new declarative
language like XSLT.
4. Once you learned DOM, there is no real need to learn XSLT.

While DOM-based solutions are harder to implement and maintain, there are
plenty of people available with DOM expertise.   This is not true for XSLT.
Even if XSLT become universally available in browsers, JavaScript and DOM
combination will be the preferred method of implementation.


Don Park